Thursday, 5 March 2009

Final film opening

This is our final finished film opening

The things that we have edited the view to a blurred vision from the character as he starts walking to get the drugs this is to show that he is under the influence of drugs, we have added production titles, changed the contrast of the scenery, added a soundtrack for when the acting is taking place, we have also deleted a scene so that the scenes will look continuous.
All of the pictures have been edited and are now moving in time with the soundtrack.


Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Call sheet

In a professional production of a film they will use a call sheet, so that they can figure out the locations and what times they can and will film at the locations.

The call sheet includes:
1) call times
2) locations ( the locations are important because all of the staff need to know where to go for
the filming)
3) location contacts (such as the owners of property/land)
4) production contacts (i.e. producer/director, associate producer, camera man etc.)
5) shooting schedule (This is important as loc
ations may not be available after certain times or the effects from the scenery the director wants wont be able to be filmed at any other time)
6) names of the actors, their agents, their roles, contact details and time that they will be needed to act (this is important as if they need to get a hold of any of the actors for changes of times or locations but also so that the actors know when and where they will be needed)


Monday, 2 March 2009

rough cut

This is our rough cut opening first it starts with our indent and then moves onto our acting in the forest and finally the pictures that were shot have been edited to look like cartooned themed pictures.

There is no sound for the acting part but a soundtrack has been placed on the part when the cartooned themed pictures are shown.

There are still things that need to be edited some of the things are:

1) Not all of the pictures are fully completed, we need to edit their movement and add more titles to them.
2) Create more soundtrack for the acting part at the beginning of our film opening.
3) Once we have completed the soundtrack we need to make sure the timing fits in with the film, so the titles appear at the right times.



In our project we are not using many words as actions speak louder than words.
The bit of talking that is said is to help the viewer understand what has just happened, what is going to happen and what is going on through the opening sequence.

Words said:
Jack: "Yeah i got it"
Jack: (coughing)

This shows the viewer that he has just picked up the drugs and that he is about to deliver them to whoever.
Jack coughs when he gets hit with the baseball bat this shows the viewer that he is winded and in pain

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Preperation for Rough Cut

We are preparing for our rough cut by editing our still images which we are using to introduce the characters. We are using photo shop to edit the pictures into a cartooned themed style and After this we edit our pictures into our final cut video.
The soundtrack which is to go with the rough and possibly the final cut is being made using garage band, we will then need to match the timing of the video and soundtrack together.

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Risk assesment and test footage

There are many risks involved witch could happen while the opening is being filmed:

1) fight scene
2) Using the baseball bat
3) running trough the woods
4) falling over
5) sharp, big braches sticking out
6) Ditches

1) The way to avoid getting hurt during the fight scene is to just pretend that we are swinging a bat or pretend we are throwing a punch
2) Not swinging the baseball bat around will avoid people getting hurt.
3) checking the path before running will help to lower the risk of getting hurt by running through the woods, picking up any litter and avoiding areas with slippery mud will reduce the risk of falling over or cutting ourselves.
4) watching where we walk and avoiding slippery or steep slopes will help avoid falling over and twisting an ankle or breaking any bones
5) we will need to watch where we walk and to be careful not to walk into any branches
6) be mindful of ditches or sharp drops in the ground


Actors and props list

Jack Nugget and Jake Troup
Rob Blackwell and Jack Nugget
Jack Nugget
Jake Troup
Rob Blackwell

These are the actors that appear throughout the opening sequence

Props list

We will have a few props which will be used throughout the opening sequence.

The baseball bat will be used in the fight scene.

A cigarette will be used in one of the introduction of character scene.

Hoody's will be used as it conforms to the genre that we are trying to portray (crime, gangs)

A fallen tree branch is used as a weapon/threat during the introduction of characters


Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Target audience

The target audience of our film opening will be 15+, as it involves violence, swearing and other adult themes such as drugs etc.

This film also has a certificate for 15 because it relates to teenagers of this age before they go into adulthood and in some places which have gangs, adults who are still involved in gangs.

This film is not suitable for younger audiences as it has many adult themes which may influence the way they act or scare them

This film will be a mainstream film which will play in cinemas such as vue, cineworld and some other smaller cinemas

existing films

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Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Things which we could include in our blog:

1) Prop list
2) Locations
3) Actors
4) Script
5) Sound (music, diegetic etc.)
6) Risk assessment (list of possible health and safety risks and how to avoid them)
PDF file.
7) Call sheet (order of filming for each location with times etc)
8) Target audience (who is your target audience - is it a mainstream film for a mass audience etc)
9) Test footage
10) images (Photos that influence your style, photos of props, locations, actors etc)


Feedback from other groups

Positive feedback:
Good detailed analysis's.
Well set out with very good editing on the animatic.
Good analysis of two different films.
Good use of different peoples ideas.
Good animatic.
Indeph analysis.
Comical indent.
Good amount of analysis.
Good content.
Good animatic illustration.
Detailed mood board.

Areas for improvement:
Analysis needs pictures/videos.
Not many personal posts. (group members thought and ideas)
Needs more images to explain the written work.
No writing on indent. needs explaining.
Prop list.
Location list.
Shot list.
Test footage.
More images.
Not many pictures.
Pictures on props costumes.

From all the feedback from all the other groups it shows that we have included a lot of analysis with a lot of content and definition however we have not got much content on our filming side of the work so we will have to do more work on things such as the locaton we will be filming at by taking pictures and videos, more information on what will be worn during the shoot and what other objects will be used which will help define the genre of our opening sequence, what shots we will use when filming to help give the viewer the most amount of information possible for example a birds eye view will not give the viewer much information when it comes to seeing the onjects being used or the facial expressions of the charachters.

This feedback has helped because it has given information on what we need to do to help improve our blog, getting feedback is good because it helps give ideas about what other things you can do while filming but also what sought of information the people reading our blog wants to know about.


Thursday, 29 January 2009


This is our storyboard


Wednesday, 28 January 2009


we realized from our feedback that our original plan wasn't practical as it required too many actors its not practical because we would hve trouble finding alot of people who are free at the same time,because acting skills would all be at different levels and filming the violence would be too hard as we are not professional actors and are likely to injure ourselves or other people inthe process.

We decided to concentrate on the idea we got from rock n rolla on how to introduce our characters by introducing them with still images of the characters and having their name next to them and then the camera will look like it is swinging round to the next character it will also show what role they play in the film.


Mood board

This is our mood board it shows gangs and weapons which are usually used by gangs but also other things that gangs do,use and sell such as graffiti which can be used as a logo for the gang or to show disrespect to another gang by using it on the territory.

The drugs are things which are both used and sold in the gang.
Alleyways are places that gangs like to hang out as it is out of the way of everyone else, they can do things that they would not get in trouble if they were seen doing in public such as taking drugs, selling drugs and fighting

This is a picture of someone who was victim to a gang related attack and shows the aftermath of the fighting.

The baseball bat shows is there to show that gangs use wepons which can consist of not only baseball bats but also things like: guns, pieces of metal, knuckle dusters, fire bombs and generally anythings found on the streets or in the home.


Thursday, 22 January 2009

Analysis of Rock n Rolla

Rock n Rolla
Guy Richie
Action, Comedy, Crime

The title starts with a loud sounds of catchy rock music, this catches the viewers attention and empathizes the titles as they are shown onscreen the pace of the music matches and works well with the pace of the sequence if the sequence had been slower it would've become boring and longwinded which would make the viewer lose interest whereas if it had been to fast the viewer would'nt have had enough time to to see what was onscreen and would have also lost interest as they dont understand what is going on.

Each character is introduced as there title is brought onscreen.
Each character is represented in a cartoon style with a limited use of colour, the contrast of black and yellow defines the titles more as they come on.
Other colours such as blue and red even though they are not the main colours used like yellow and black they also help to emphasize the pictures as much as yellow and black or more as they are not the main colours and the viewers are attracted to these colours because they stand out more within the plain main colours.

Camerawork in the sequence is very quick, with mixture of zoom ins and outs, camera shaking, gives the impression of a hand held camera.

The pictures of the actors are shown as still images but they also look like pictures from a comic book, you get the impression of this from the colours that are used, the textural look of the pictures and also from the quality of the pictures
The shake of the camera and zoom ins show the titles as they come on, catching the eye of the viewer, making them interested.

Some props are used in the sequence which helps to give the viewer a feel of what the films genre is and also what the film is about, the props consist of: 3 guns, a baseball bat, an axe sunglasses, cigars, 2 construction workers hats, a cowboy hat and a hat worn by gangsters.
This helps to start the viewer thinking about the characters in the film for example, are the two constuction workers friends or enemys, who are the guns being pointed at and cigars are usually associated with rich evil people like the mafia boss or kingpin of spiderman

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Monday, 19 January 2009

Analysis for 'Blow'

(2001, Ted Demme)
Biography, Crime, Drama

The opening sequence of the film blow is about cocaine as the name suggests.
Throughout the title sequence the names of the actors are written with cocaine and are then snorted with rolled up £20 notes.

The soundtrack has a fast paced, fun tune which which doesn't give the impression that the film is of the crime genre.

The pictures throughout the title sequence are really abstract and blurry which helps make the viewers feel as thought they are under the influence of the drugs which are being shown onscreen.

the film follows the main character from his hard up-bringing in his childhood all the way through to when he is an adult and is dealing with dangourous situations and people because ogf ths the viewers and main charahchter form a type of eomotional connection slash bond.

The prps of the title sequence are all daily objects that anyone can get hold of but are also what are used usually in real life tese things consist of credit cards, money notes and straws.

this resembles the characheters tht will be used in our opening sequence as it will also follow them through all their difficult situations even though it is not as long as the character from blow the viewers will be able to form an emotional understanding/connection as they watch them go through all their troubles through as they try to find the muderer that killed their friend.


final ident

Our final indent:
Our final indent Is two people standing in a dark dirty allyway, the person on the left has his hands up while the person on the right has a gun pointed at him and shouts "Say hello to my little friend" meaning the gun then he shoots the other man and the man on the left lets and a sound which sounds like he is dieing and falls to the ground.

After the man has fallen to the ground The letter RJK in red letter comes from the left to the right and stops in the middle and at the same time the words production comes from the right to the left and stops just before the middle, the letters RJK is our logo


Sin City Opening Analysis

A dark city is shown and then as it changes from a side view of the city the camera start moving towards a birds eye view of the city and stops before looking down completely on the city and looks at the city on an angle and then the city starts flooding blood and creates the Word Sin city in big bold red letters.
Sin citys opening sequence starts on with the Words Sin City in big bold red letters this already makes the viewer start thinking of sin because the colour red associates with blood, the devil and sin.


Thursday, 15 January 2009

Analysis of the opening titles of 'Snatch'

The opening titles to ‘Snatch’ (Guy Ritchie, 2000) supplies us with the main character narrating to us what the film is going to be about and giving us an explanation of two of the main characters.
It then cuts back to a week previous with 4 males who are about to steal valuable 86 carat diamond described to be the size of a fist.
This secures the film, identifies the genre, and quickens the pace while seizing the audience's attention.
After they have stolen the diamond the film starts cutting into different characters lives and what is happening in them.
This film is a crime film with an ensemble cast and we are introduced to each character with their nickname. Ritchie uses freeze frames which turn into graphics with the characters name/nickname.
Some of the characters names such as "Boris the Blade" and "Doug the Head" gives the characters a gangster feel and identifies their role in the group. Between the freeze frames, the camera follows the voyage of the diamond which the main characters have just stolen.

Techniques such as jump cuts sped up footage and camera rolls makes the sequence more interesting and fast-paced, glamorizing the diamond theft, and maintaining the audience's attention.
The end of the opening sequence shows the first part of the sequence, when the thief’s are sitting in the van, looking at the stolen diamond. This shows the cyclical nature of diamond theft and signals the start of the film.
The titles tell us it is mainly set in London but some characters are in different countries, the narrative also tell us a bit of background about each character.
The characters outfits are all quite sophisticated which suggests they all are quite well off and know where they stand in there social class. The title "snatch" is shown in graphics on the diamond. This shows the relativity of the title concurs to the diamond theft and tells the audience that this is what the film is going to be about.


Analysis of genres

We had to choose between 5 different genres for our opening sequence, these were:
1. A supernatural thriller with a strong female lead.
2. A British social realist drama.
3. An adventure story for younger audiences.
4. A teenage romantic comedy.
5. A crime caper with an ensemble cast.

A supernatural thriller is a film with a lot of tension and suspense, with fast moving story lines and there is always a main character who is in distress. Settings used are sometimes foreign cities, deserts, polar regions, or high seas, these settings build suspense as they are not places we know much about so we don't know what to expect around the corner. The lighting in these films is generally quite dark , there is also a distinctive gap between good and bad. It combines thriller elements with basic horror incidents such as ghosts. unnatural beings are used throughout,. Thrillers that we know include Pulse, the Bourne Identity and Phone Booth.

A British social realist film is a film that depicts working class activities it is a representative of real life, with all its difficulties, such as home life e.g. domestic violence. It's putting the experiences of real Britons on the screen. As these films are based around typical home life they are generally filmed on set and therefore is generally a low budget production. Also to make these films seem more realistic as if you are there, they generally use hand held camera throughout. The story lines and the people being shown are normal everyday characters. Typically, films within the social realist works are gritty, urban dramas about the struggle to survive the daily grind. British social realist films are also known as kitchen sink drama as they are based around home life which is generally known to be based in the kitchen as that is where most things happen in the household.

An adventure film for younger audiences is a film where the narrative is protagonist and other major characters are consistently put into danger. The characters throughout the film are forced to use skills to overcome the dangers. There is often sequels to the films, and throughout there is generally many stunts and special effects to make the films more exciting. Settings used for these films include exotic locations, deserts, jungles, dangerous places, all of these suggest isolation which means they have no help and makes the audience feel worried about the main character and they want to know what is going to happen to them. In adventure films the main character always seems to achieve what they were set out to do. Within the character group there is always tension, but they always seem to resolve what they are set out to do. Films we know include Harry Potter, which includes conflict but not much blood and gore as it is being viewed by younger audiences. Also Narnia, both these films include a magical theme, and use of supernatural beings, which involve youngeraudiences using there imagination.

A teenage romantic comedy film has a very specific formula. The 'bad' character is often less attractive than the others, and the 'good' character which the main character is in love with is generally good looking. Typical settings include high school. Provider of comedy is often black. The jock character often has muscles, is aggressive and wears there teams jacket. The geek is signified by glasses and enjoying their classes. The resolution of the narrative is the main characters fall in love and there is always a happy ending. The audience expect an emotional 'pay off' e.g. American Pie and She's All That. The soundtrack relates to the targeted audience.

A crime caper film with an ensemble cast is a film that involves one or more crimes, carried out by main characters in full view of the spectator. The audience is encouraged to identify with the criminals, there is a main leader of the group the other members have individual skills to help the crime happen. the main character is often the biggest star in the film and therefore gets the most screen time. Crime is against criminal or major corporations, not usually the innocent. The threat of being caught creates tension. Resolution is generally a cliff hanger or some main characters are not caught and get away with the crime. Films we know include Italian Job and Oceans Eleven. The costumes used in these films suggest sophistication or a luxurious lifestyle.

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First Blog

Throughout the next few weeks we are going to create a crime themed thriller opening title sequence. Our group consists of Jack Rob Katie and Jake. In our first lesson we created our production logo and now we are going to animate the logo. We will animate via finalcut and our ideas is to make the stickmen in the logo to shoot one and another making a way for the name of production team to appear.

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Friday, 28 November 2008